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We may not be able to make the world green… but we are trying to do our part.

We Reuse

Inbound to Outbound
Pallets are reused for outbound shipments. Cardboard boxes are reused for parts and
literature orders. 
Packing and dunnage materials are reused.

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We Conserve

Every day is Earth Day
Turning off the lights when not in use. Shutting down computers for the night and weekends.
Programmable thermostats for minimal energy use. Records and files are stored electronically – less paper. 

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We Recycle

Don't be Trashy – Recycle
Returnable bottles & cans. Scrap steel, copper, and other metals.
Paper, magazines, newspaper, envelopes, phone books. Spent batteries and CFLs

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We Encourage

Leading by Example
Conserving in ways employees can continue at home. Installing a bike rack for
alternative commuting. Listening to "green ideas" from employees


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