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Stainless Steel Equipment

SS Cat TeaserSouthworth has a selection of stainless steel materials handling equipment that can be shipped quick (two weeks), priced right and of the highest quality. Southworth stainless steel equipment is designed to withstand the rigorous sanitation requirements of food processing, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. These products allow you to make your material handling applications faster, safer, and easier while meeting your various maintenance needs.

In addition to full stainless steel construction, we offer a wide variety of alternatives that may be equally well, or even better suited for your sanitary or highly corrosive environment application. These include:

  • Stainless Steel Platform Only - If only the platform surface need be stainless, a less expensive, traditional lift can be fitted with a stainless steel platform.
  • Two-part Epoxy Finish Special - A durable, trouble free finish for mild steel. Well suited for wash down applications and light corrosive conditions.
  • Steel-it Epoxy Finishes - A two-part epoxy with stainless steel solids blended into the paint.
  • ZRC Finishes - A zinc rich compound that provides excellent corrosion resistance for mild steel.

Guide To Stainless Steel and Custom Finishes

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