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Portable Lift Tables / Lifter Transporters

Portable Lift Tables / Lifter Transporters
The Dandy Line has set the standard for quality and longevity in portable lift tables for over 30 years. With several models to choose from there's a Dandy Lift Portable Lift Table for every application. The Dandy Lift portable lift table line includes; foot pump operated Dandy Lifts, Powered Dandy Lifts with high speed linear actuators, Dandy Levelers that automatically adjust the platform height as items are added or removed, and Dandy Skid Lifters with forks or solid platforms.

In addition to Dandy Lifts, our portable lift table line also includes Backsaver Lite Portable Scissor Lift Tables with manual or powered traverse, PalletPal Mobile Levelers and Pallet Lift (high lift pallet trucks / skid lifters).

These products are essential wherever lifting, positioning, assembling, stacking, unstacking, transporting, or the need for an adjustable height work surface is part of the job. Choose manual foot pump actuated portable lifts or battery operated electric portable lift tables.

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